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Choosing a Nursing Home is a vitally important and emotional decision for a family. One in which you should take time to evaluate what you or your loved ones’ care needs are, and which home can best meet these needs in a nurturing and supportive environment.

From our experience at Trinity Care, the investment in time to find out about what options are available will help you feel confident that you have made the right decision. We feel there are three basic steps in choosing a care home. We hope you find this guide helpful on your journey to finding your home from home.


Online research can make the start of your search quicker simply by reviewing homes online and seeing what facilities they offer. This will enable you to rule out certain options based on care services or location and narrow down to a smaller list of homes which you intend to visit.

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We recommend that after your initial research online you narrow your list down to 3 key providers which fit in well with the care needs and also the facilities you are looking for. Also personal factors can come into play such as location and that connection you feel after a visit.

Visiting the homes in person is highly recommended as when you step your foot in the door you can really get a feeling for what the home is like and meet the team face to face. This will put you more at ease in making a decision.

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A new scheme to replace Nursing Home subvention was introduced in October 2009 by the Government and is called the Fair Deal Scheme. Under the Fair Deal Scheme every person will make a contribution to the cost of their care, based on their means. The State will pay the balance.

All of Trinity Care’s homes are registered as partaking in the Fair Deal Scheme. For more information on Fair Deal visit this section of the Department of Health website or contact the Department of Health.

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