Dementia /
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Dementia Care in Ireland

Safe & Specialist Care

Dementia Friendly Spaces

Our homes have been designed to be dementia friendly. Flooring, furniture, signage and room layouts are all planned with this in mind.

  1. Separate areas for dementia residents that have secure dementia gardens with access walkways through which residents can enjoy their personal freedom safely.
  2. Personalized rooms with personal belongings and individual decor for familiarity and to reflect preferences.
  3. All our homes have a maximum of two accomodation floors. We do not believe in multi-storey accommodation.

Dementia Friendly Communities

We have fostered a dementia-friendly community approach where people with dementia are understood, respected and supported. Our professional staffing team have a deep understanding of dementia, allowing residents to continue to live in the way they want to and in the community they choose.

Specialist Dementia Care

We provide dedicated person-centered care for residents with dementia in our nursing homes, building a safe, home-like space with an emphasis on dignity and independence.

  • Specialized training for our staff so as to provide the highest level of care to our residents. All our staff including non care staff receive specially designed best practice training in dementia.
  • Personal care plans are tailored to each individual to support their independence, safety and dignity.

More About Dementia & Alzeihmers

Dementia is a general term used to describe a group of symptoms. These include deterioration in memory, judgment, intellect, deterioration in social skills and language.

Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common cause of dementia and accounts for more than 50% of all cases.

It’s estimated in Ireland there are around 11,000 new cases of dementia each year and that by 2050 the overall number of people with dementia will double, making up nearly 2.5% of the Irish population (Alzheimer Europe Report).

It’s important to contact a GP if you are concerned about yourself or a loved one who you think may have dementia or memory loss problems. You can read more about Dementia and Alzheimers in our post here which also provides additional resource sources for support .

Always Caring, Always Here

Our Care Services

Ireland’s leading care provider for long term residential care needs.

Expert Memory Care for those living with Dementia and Alzheimers.

Care to aid recuperation and recovery tailored to each individual’s needs.

St. Doolaghs, provide specialist brain injury care for adults with ABI or neurological conditions.

Our Professional Teams

Our homes are led by our Directors of Nursing (link to meet the team page) who manage and help our team of highly-skilled professional nurses, carers and other home staff.  They work closely with multidisciplinary teams of doctors, physiotherapists, social workers, dieticians, speech and language therapists as 

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Help & Advice

Choosing a Home is a vitally important and emotional decision for a family.

There are currently a number of funding options available to make financing a care home feasible.

Fair Deal Advice

Fair Deal is the name of the government scheme for financial support for those who need long term nursing home care.

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