Fun Valentine’s Ideas for Seniors

When it comes to Valentine’s Day people tend to think of younger couples celebrating romance and love.  However really it can be an occasion for everyone to mark their own love stories.  There’s nothing to say it shouldn’t involve celebrating other varieties of love, such as the love for our family members, the love we have for ones we may have lost or the love in our friendships.  Age doesn’t mean we should have to miss out on Valentines Day festivities, so if you are an older person in a couple, a grandparent that wants to get involved celebrating with the grandchildren, a carer for an elderly person or an older person keen to celebrate with friends, why not try some of these special Valentine’s ideas!



Making a Collage or Photo Album

This is such a great activity that we may always mean to get around to but never find the time.  Well this Valentine’s day why not take some time in your couple, with your children, grandchildren or parents and spend time together putting together an album.  It’s such a great way to reflect on memories, which makes it a great activity for anyone who suffers from a condition such as dementia.


Music, Dancing or Live Performances

Music holds a special place in most people’s hearts and is an enjoyable way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Just simply listening to, dancing or why not get out and find some live performances of your much loved music preference.


Baking or Cooking

Do it together, or do it for someone you love.  There are some great Valentine’s recipes out there to help you get started.  Cakes and cookies tend to be the most traditional and easy to make Velntine’s themed but simply making someone’s favourite food or meal is a nice idea too!


Make a Card

Perhaps the most traditional of Valentine’s gifts is a heartfelt card.  Making these yourself can make it extra meaningful.  It’s also a great activity for all ages from children to seniors.


Having a Meal Out  

Again a very traditional event for Valentine’s Day but who said it only has to be for young couples?!  Take your best friend, your grandad, your granny, the grandkids or of course your other half and enjoy a nice meal out spending time together.


So whoever you spend sometime with this Valentines we hope our ideas have come in helpful to enjoy and celebration the Day of Love and remember age is merely a number.

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