Healthcare Assistant Career Progression

Meet Winnet Who’s Worked at Trinity Care for over 20 Years, starting as a healthcare assistant and has now worked up to the human resources team.

Winnet joined Trinity Care 20 years ago as a healthcare assistant after first coming to Ireland in our Gormanston Wood Nursing Home in County Meath.  Despite coming from a more IT-focused background she decided to try a caring profession after moving over here and was surprised with how quick she fell in love with the role of helping people.  She said ‘It just felt like normal everyday, real life, doing typical daily activities with residents and despite starting out as strangers you quickly began to feel like a family, with residents and staff’.

It wasn’t long before managers spotted her hard work, natural rapport with residents and team ethics that saw her promoted to senior healthcare assistant and then Head Healthcare Assistant.

Her technical expertise followed her throughout her roles, always lending a helping hand with administrative tasks and when looking for next challenge she took on a move to our St Doolagh’s Park Care and Rehab Centre team in Dublin to help with their administration.  It was in this role that she set her sights on pursing a further career developing more into a business orientated role.  She spoke to management at Trinity Care about help and support with going back to college and studying for a business degree.

She said’ The management were very supportive and helpful which I am very grateful for but it was lovely also that they were so approachable to speak with in the first place to discuss these career options’.   When she completed her studies, specialising in human resources, a position came up within the human resources team that she applied for.  We are delighted to say Winnet has now accepted a position and is on board as part of our human resources team now, with a lot of firsthand experience about our homes and the various job roles we have.  We thought it would be nice to ask Winnet to share a little about her experiences within Trinity Care Nursing Homes.


What’s the best bits about working with Trinity Care?

Winnet:‘It feels very like home, and a family.  It is work yes, but you make very good friends here and get to know everyone, staff and residents.  It’s a lot of hardwork but can be a lot of fun also.  The management have also been very supportive, helpful and approachable which is nice to know you have in your job’.


What advice would you give to new employees?   

Winnet:  ‘Stay positive, don’t be afraid to ask or bring new ideas,  respect your colleagues,  residents and families and always be kind to people and put your best into it.’


What did you like about being a healthcare assistant?

Winnet:‘I loved how much it is just normal life but you are working.  You’d get to spend time with people, whether that’s having a cup of tea, doing their hair, helping them with lunch if necessary, or playing some cards or chess’.


Any favorite times over your 20 years?

Winnet:‘It’s hard to pick, but I think I love holiday seasons, Christmas or Easter, they are such a lovely time of year and it’s enjoyable making this special for residents’.


What are the challenges you found?

Winnet:‘The same negatives you have in any work place and even with some family I guess!  You’ll have different opinions about things and disagreements but that’s part of life.  There of course are a lot of external things that can throw up challenges such as COVID, but that’s where the team element really shines through.


And finally, if you could switch jobs with anyone, who would it be?

Winnet:  ‘I love my present job but If I were to choose one other to have an insight into it would be Human Resource Director.  My passion is really within the staff of the organisation.  I will feel accomplished when I can empower, support and encourage others to meet their personal goals as I have been able to do’.


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