The role of a healthcare assistant can be one of the most rewarding careers in helping make a difference in people’s everyday lives. Healthcare assistants are typically in employed in healthcare settings such as hospitals and nursing homes.

What is a healthcare assistant?

The role of a Healthcare Assistant (HCA) is a critical and valuable part of our healthcare provision services in supporting residents and work colleagues.  Within the nursing home sector, the healthcare assistant’s role is first and foremost to help ensure clients are supported in all aspects of their care needs (physical, emotional, and spiritual) while helping retain their dignity, comfort and individuality.

What are the entry requirements?

As it stands today, there are no specific entry requirements to become a healthcare assistant, however healthcare qualifications such as QQI or FETAC are favorable.

What traits do I need to become a healthcare assistant?

The role of a healthcare assistant suits someone with a genuine caring and friendly nature.

What duties will the role of a healthcare assistant involve?

The duties and responsibilities of a healthcare assistant can vary day to day, mainly it is about providing support to our residents, this can be anything from serving meals or helping to feed residents to playing Scrabble or assisting them to somewhere they would like to go.  The aim is to give the resident as much independence and quality of life as possible while supporting them where necessary.

How do I become a healthcare assistant?

If you are interested in a career as a healthcare assistant with Trinity Care please go to our careers page.

Why work with Trinity Care as a healthcare assistant?

We believe in the value of our staff and investing in those people for the long term which reflects on building our homes into happy ones for both staff and residents.  We care about all aspects of our staff’s personal and professional development while working with us and endeavor to help our staff whenever and wherever we can.

If you are interested in working with us please go to our careers page and follow the instructions to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

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