Choosing a Nursing Home is an important decision and one in which you should take time to evaluate what your care needs are and which home can best meet these needs. From our experience, the investment in time to find out about what options are available will help you make the right decision for you. We feel there are three basic steps in to choosing a care home.

Step 1 Research

Choosing the right nursing home is an important decision, as it will become your new home. The following links are designed to provide you with the different steps to take to help you make the right decision.

Step 2 Visiting Nursing Homes

Finding the right nursing home for you can take some time. We recommend that you visit as many homes as possible so that you can compare the quality of services available and find the place that you can make your new home.

Tips for visiting Nuring Homes  »

Step 3 Paying for Nursing Care

Understanding the process of how to pay for nurisng home care can be confusing. We also recommend you seek further specialist advice. 

Paying for Care: Nursing Home Support Scheme – Fair Deal »



Frequently Asked Questions about Nursing Home Care

Firstly, research your local homes and see which ones may suit. Secondly, we would encourage you to visit a number of homes. We at Trinity Care would be delighted to welcome you to any of our homes. Simply pick up the phone or email the Home Manager in the nursing home of your choice and we will be happy to arrange a mutually acceptable date and time for a viewing. Thirdly, you need to either apply for the State’s Fair Deal scheme which will assist you funding your home of choice or pay privately and there is generous tax refunds available. We can provide further assistance in this area and there is further information available elsewhere on this site.
Trinity Care employ Activities coordinator’s in all of our homes for Group activities. We also will strive to facilitate individual time to be enjoyed with staff by residents who are reluctant or unable to participate in group activities. For those residents who enjoy participating in activities, the programme include the following: • Arts and Crafts • Reminiscence therapy • Flower arranging • Musical sessions • Visiting Plays and Dramas • Tours to local places of interest • Gardening Library Movie club Knitting Board Games Quiz and crosswords
Trinity Care Nursing Homes are committed to meet the needs of our Residents by providing them with the highest level of person centered care and service. We put our Residents first and everything else in our organisation flows out of that.
We understand that the decision to move into residential care can be a difficult one and can potentially cause a great deal of stress to families. We will work with you along the way to make your transition as smooth as possible so when you move into a Trinity Care home we will become part of your support network and we will encourage you to become part of our extended family within the Home. We want you to feel at home with us and will encourage you to bring personal items such as photographs, ornaments and pictures into your room. Some residents who come to live with us settle in overnight and others take longer as the process of settling in is a very personal and individual experience. We ask you and your family to communicate with us at all times but particularly in the early days so we can work with you to settle in as quickly as possible.