Respite &
Convalescent Care

Short term care services to
suit specific needs

Respite Care

Respite care is aimed at providing temporary relief to caregivers caring for a loved one at home.

We offer respite care to help support those who can stay supported at home but will benefit from a break and some temporary relief in caregiving. It can also benefit individuals providing some different opportunities within the home for social interaction and planned activities .

A multidisciplinary team, consisting of our Healthcare Professionals, the individual and their caregiver, the nursing care team. The team provides the following respite care services: Medical services in collaboration with the family doctor Catering and nutritional care Social activities Laundry and housekeeping services.

Convalescent Care

The convalescent Care and Post Operative Rehabilitative Care Programmes assist individuals with recuperation and recovery after surgery, or serious illness.

Because each individual is different, the length of stay can vary between one week to twelve weeks. All our homes are registered with VHI Healthcare, Laya Healthcare & Aviva Healthcare who under certain insurance plans contribute towards a certain level of convalescence stay.

The multidisciplinary team consists of our Healthcare Professionals, the individual and the family Doctor, physiotherapist, nurses, and other facility staff.

This team provides: nursing care physical therapy health promotion, and prevention of illness, or injury advice catering and nutritional care medical services in collaboration with the family doctor social activities laundry and housekeeping services

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Our Care Services

Ireland’s leading care provider for long term residential care needs.

Expert Memory Care for those living with Dementia and Alzheimers.

Care to aid recuperation and recovery tailored to each individual’s needs.

St. Doolaghs, provide specialist brain injury care for adults with ABI or neurological conditions.

Our Professional Teams

Our homes are led by our Directors of Nursing who manage and help our team of highly-skilled professional nurses, carers and other home staff.  They work closely with multidisciplinary teams of doctors, physiotherapists, social workers, dieticians, speech and language therapists as appropriate.

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Choosing a Home is a vitally important and emotional decision for a family.

There are currently a number of funding options available to make financing a care home feasible.

Fair Deal Advice

Fair Deal is the name of the government scheme for financial support for those who need long term nursing home care.

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