Trinity Care value your views, your opinion matters to us, it helps us improve the care provided within our homes.

We welcome suggestions, complaints, concerns, observations and comments from relatives, residents, and visitors.

We provide a Guide to Complaints and a Complaints Form for you to download and email or post to the Director Of Nursing of the home.

Guide to Complaints

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Complaints Form

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Contact the Directors Of Nursing at Trinity Care

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What counts as wrongdoing?

Wrongdoing is widely defined and includes:

  • Criminal offences

  • Failure to comply with legal obligations

  • Breaches of certain European Union law

  • Endangering the health and safety of individuals

  • Damaging the environment

  • Miscarriage of justice

  • Misuse of public funds

  • Oppressive, discriminatory, grossly negligent or grossly mismanaged acts or omissions by a public body

  • Concealment or destruction of information about any of the above wrongdoing or any attempt to conceal or destroy such information

Wrongdoing can take place in or outside.  Please click here to report any whistleblowing issue.

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