At TrinityCare, we really understand the importance of respite for caregivers. Respite care are temporary planned stays at nursing homes that are designed to give the primary carer some time to themselves, from a few hours a day up to a couple of weeks. Caregivers often focus more on the wellbeing of who they care for, than taking care of themselves. In the long-term this can be detrimental to their own health and wellbeing, leading to exhaustion, depression, stress and more.


Caregivers are often reluctant to take time off from their role because they feel so responsible and protective for the person they are caring for. However, giving these caregivers some time to themselves to read, work out or even catch up on sleep will allow them to recharge their batteries and ultimately become a become a better caregiver.


It is important that the caregiver takes time to maintain their social lives, go for coffee with friends, meet up with family who are willing to offer their help and support, or a support group for other carers. The stress of all that responsibility can become quite overwhelming without any kind of personal support.  Staying social and interacting with other people can help stave off the feeling of isolation that can occur with being the primary caregiver.


The Carer’s Support Grant (formerly the Respite Care Grant) offer additional aid to caregivers in Ireland. The Department of Social Protection automatically pays the grant to those getting Carers Benefit, Carers Allowance or Domiciliary Care Allowance. Those receiving the Carer’s Support Grant are given €1,700 for every person you are caring for, once a year, every June. You can apply for any given year from April of that year until 31st of December of the following year. You can find the Carer’s Support Grant application form online, or your local Citizens Information Centre.