Trinity Care Launch Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Trinity Care Nursing Homes are pleased to announce their Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) in conjunction with Spectrum Life.  Mental health at work and at home across Ireland is of growing importance, which is why at Trinity Care we want to be at the forefront of supporting our employees.

What is the Employee Assistance Programme?

The Employee Assistance Programme is a free, confidential counselling and wellbeing support service that is for all employees and their close family members.  The service is typically offered by an employer to support employees health and wellbeing both at home and at work.

How can I use the Employee Assistance Programme?

There are multiple 24/7 access points including over the phone, live chat, Whats App, text service and an online portal free to use by all Trinity Care employees.  Details are all provided around our workplaces.

All cases with spectrum life are managed by an EAP Case Manager.  When a counsellor takes an initial call or contact from an employee, they will become the dedicated Case Manager and remain the main point of contact overseeing the case from start to finish.  They are qualified and experienced counsellors, meaning they understand the root causes of emotional issues and so can help with referrals to appropriate services if necessary.

What services does the Employee Assistance Programme Offer?

The EAP provides support and counselling services across a range of areas including (but not limited to); Grief, depression, anxiety, stress, addictions, relationship problems, work-life balance, parenting, career guidance and health advice to name but a few.  The EAP at Trinity Care also includes access to wellbeing content to help improve general fitness, nutrition and mental health.


Trinity Care CEO, Mike Tonery said,

We want to continue to promote positive mental health within Trinity Care.  The Employee Assistance Programme will provide counselling services but also so much more including financial, parenting, career advice and general wellbeing services and information.  We want to ensure that all employees and family members can avail of these services as we are committed to investing in our employees”.

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