World Health Organisation Visits Rathborne Nursing Home

Recently, our Rathborne Nursing Home in North Dublin had the privilege of hosting Stefania, a representative from the World Health Organization (WHO).  We want to highlight the importance of collaboration and shared learning in the field of long-term care and are pleased to have helped contribute in shaping the future of Ireland’s long-term care.

At Rathborne, we understand the critical role that healthcare collaboration plays in advancing the quality of care for all in Ireland. That’s why we were thrilled to engage with WHO Europe, a key player in shaping healthcare policies and strategies globally.

Group photo of Trinity Care CEO, WHO Europe representative and Trinity Care Bed Manager
Stefania with Trinity Care’s CEO, Mike Tonery and Group Executive Bed Flow Manager, Elaine Murray.

Nursing Homes Ireland’s involvement with WHO Europe, along with their collaboration with DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (European Commission), and the Department of Health’s Older Persons’ Strategy Unit, highlights a concerted effort to assess and improve Ireland’s long-term care system.

Central to these collaborative efforts is the development and validation of the ‘State of Long-Term Care’ Monitoring and Assessment Instrument. This technical toolkit aims to support the implementation of the European Care Strategy and facilitate long-term care systems reform across Member States.

During Stefania’s visit, Rathborne had the opportunity to showcase our commitment to providing the highest-quality care to our residents. Our team were eager to demonstrate the innovative approaches and best practices we employ to ensure the well-being and comfort of those in our homes.

Participating in the assessment process led by WHO Europe is an honour for Rathborne Nursing Home. By actively engaging with stakeholders and sharing our experiences, we hope to influence positive changes that will benefit not only our residents but also the broader community of long-term care providers and recipients.

As we continue to navigate the evolving landscape of healthcare, collaboration remains essential. Together with organizations like WHO Europe, we can collectively work towards achieving a future with  the highest quality standards.

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